Frequently Asked


Q. What is the cost of this outsourcing service and how it can be calculated?

It is a dynamic charge which calculate based on the actual number of the payroll sets are require to handling in that payroll month.

Q. Will the expense be different from month to month?

Yes, it depends the actual number of the employee in that month. This is a predictable scheme what we are offering to our clients, clients can easily to forecast their administrative expenditure and flexible to adjust the employee head count.

Q. Is there any legal advice concerning the Employment Ordinance and employment issues?

We do not offer an legal advice to our clients, but our payroll consultants will monitor and advise our client to void illegal action if there any payroll procedure or in the calculation of the payroll.

Q. What is the consequence if I want to terminate the contract ?

Our payroll services plan without any contract period, clients can terminate their payroll service and withdraw employees data within 30 days.

Q. What are the preventive measures that your company will take in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of information?

Collected Information are restricted to use for payroll outsourcing services purpose and it accessed by designated payroll consultant only.

Q. Is this service common in HK ?

Payroll Outsourcing Service is not a brand new service in Hong Kong. It is quite common rely on this service in some MNC & SME company.

Q. Is there any limitation on the numbers of employee to join the payroll outsourcing service?

No, its a big range and it can be any size of the company to join our payroll outsourcing service, from 10 to 1000+, but some of our clients are business starter, their company size can be fewer than 5.

Q. Is the outsourcing service suit to my company industry?

Yes, we serve wide-range of industry, our payroll staffs are experience enough to handle mostly payroll in Hong Kong industry.